About us

Liquid Energy Trading Company Swiss SA is a specialist trader in by-products of Europe’s sugar, animal feed, yeast, alcohol, citric acid, soybean and bio-energy industries. We trade in these products for our own account and broker trades in them for third parties. These products are generally traded and delivered by road in lots of 20 to 25 metric tons but also can be delivered in bigger volumes by rail or ship.

We are trusted partners to many big-name European producers and buyers and work closely with a number of transport companies, transshipment operators, trading companies, brokers and laboratories. Our activities are geographically unbounded, although we specialise in the countries of the EU, Northern Europe/Scandinavia, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

The markets we operate in are highly complex: international grain and energy prices are firming steadily; the production of many products (e.g. sugar and renewable energy) is subject to regulatory intervention; the rules governing the international flow of goods are in flux; and the equilibrium between supply and demand in many of the products we trade in is precarious at the best of times. Our response to these factors is an ongoing commitment to finding practicable yet lean and cost-effective solutions.

Our sophisticated offering can add real value to your business. We can provide you with a comprehensive, highly transparent information service that will help give you a solid basis for making decisions. We are committed to developing and deepening long-standing business relationships based on trust and respect and to using our superior expertise to win new customers.

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