Energy Service

Our service for you: Economically and ecologically favourable utilisation of biomass and bioenergy

We are not just traders, but we also think outside the box towards new opportunities. Together with a network of internationally experienced partners we are happy to offer you comprehensive information, consultancy and support services towards an economically and ecologically favourable utilisation of biomass and bioenergy.

We assist you in optimising your existing activities and in successfully establishing new business areas:

  • Energetic conversion: CO2-neutral energy from (annually) renewable resources
  • Material conversion: building blocks for the chemical industry and components for the production or value addition of biopolymers
  • Development and optimisation of new processes and technologies for the production of ethanol (fuel and/or chemical alcohol) from cellulosic biomass
  • Ecologically and economically favourable combinations of material and energetic conversion of (annually) renewable feedstocks
  • Identification of suitable options and processes for value addition
  • Establishment of commercial relations to converters and buyers
  • Technical and commercial project and product development
  • Business planning, project management, project controlling

We provide one-stop solutions to complex challenges through a team of internationally experienced experts.

Together with our partners and/or through our own affiliates we source and supply your feedstocks – preferably from agricultural origin – for energy generation or material conversion like e.g. molasses, syrups, vinasses or other (annually) renewable sources of carbohydrates or cellulose, and we find outlets for your by-products.

  • We sell energy products.
  • We buy and sell by-products, e.g. from the production of ethanol (vinasse, head & tails etc.)
  • You have a product (pre-, intermediate or end-product) – we have the market for it !


Together with our partners in our established network we look forward to providing advice towards potential investments and all related issues and challenges. We also maintain good relations to potential investors.

  • Analyses for the evaluation of investments
  • Alternative development or capacity utilisation for existing investments – including restructuring or continuation perspectives for projects which „got stuck“ under way
  • Identification and procurement of technology
  • Furnishing of expertises, due diligences or business plans, including controlling options
  • Identification of direct and indirect (public) funding opportunities
  • Strategic consultancy


  • Global analyses of products of renewable feedstocks
  • Global analyses of producers and users of renewable feedstocks
  • Global analyses of industries which convert and value-add renewable feedstocks
  • Potential and market analyses for feedstocks, products and applications
  • Identification and, if applicable, project development for horizontal and vertical value addition options for bio-based products – including their integration into bio-based as well as „conventional“ production and value addition chains of enterprises.
  • Identification and sourcing of feedstocks, products, suppliers and converters
  • Identification and, if applicable, generation of market potentials for products made partially or entirely from renewable feedstocks
  • Intermediation of R&D options
  • Benchmarking and quality management
  • Identification of recycling and disposal options
  • Quality assurance, auditing, certification


  • Intermediation of water and road transport capacities and related logistics management
  • Intermediation of partners for specialised staff recruitment or CRM
  • Identification and intermediation of synergies and partners for value addition and trading
  • Identification and intermediation of product-specific target groups and application potentials
  • Identification and intermediation of value addition options


  • You are looking for CRM and related services – we have the matching experts
  • Performance and efficiency monitoring in the fields of production, application and marketing

We are proud to offer comprehensive expertise in the fields of carbohydrates, sugars, starch, cellulose, ethanol and biopolymers. Employ our know-how for your success !

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