Ethanol and Starch Industry: Co-products (dry and liquid)

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NoProduct / Language/ NumberAnalysisTechnical usePet food/ FeedFertilizerFoodFermentation
1Glucose Syrup - EN - LQS U6Tpdf-EN
2Corn Steep Liquor - IT - LQS I9ACHpdf-IT
3Corngluten meal min. 43% protein- IT - LQS I10ACHpdf-IT
4Corngluten meal min. 43% protein - IT - LQS I11ACHpdf-IT
5Protein Powder min.40% ex ethanol prod. - EN - LQS HR12Zpdf-EN
6Potato Protein - EN - LQS P13Cpdf-EN
7DDGS based on Grains and Sugar - EN - LQS D22Spdf-EN
8DDGS based on Maize - EN -LQS SK22pdf-EN
9DDGS basierend auf Getreide und Zucker - DE - LQS D22Spdf-DE